Pilot 1

Country : Croatia
Strategic pillars covered: Digitalisation
Focus pillar: Digitalisation
Infrastructures included: Roads and Bridges
Location: Section on Zagreb-Rijeka highway

The objective of this pilot is to demonstrate the integration of the digital platform with the comprehensive CIRCUIT approach and the application of new technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), digitalisation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other innovative functionalities like circularity, decision-matrix, and digital twin models within the existing cross-asset management system in Croatia

A specific section of the Croatian Motorways network, which includes several engineering structures such as bridges and tunnels, as well as a road section, will be chosen to demonstrate the tools and solutions developed in CIRCUIT.


UAVs will be utilised to conduct scans and inspections of these structures, enabling the development of accurate digital twin models. UAVs offer the advantage of conducting repeated inspections, even in challenging and dynamic environments, thus facilitating the monitoring of infrastructural changes over time. These advancements significantly reduce the potential for human error and contribute to safer, faster, and more precise inspections, generating accessible online data.


New design projects will be implemented, focusing on green procurement and circularity. The analysis of these aspects, along with the development of a guideline document based on CIRCUIT criteria, will be an integral part of the pilot.