Pilot 5

Country : Italy
Focus pillar: Energy
Infrastructures included: Roads and Tunnels

To decrease energy consumption and operational costs associated with road lighting and ventilation systems, the following solutions will be implemented:

solution 1
  • Full Adaptive Installation (FAI) lighting systems: These systems will reduce energy consumption by adjusting lighting levels based on ambient conditions, such as weather, traffic, and luminance.
  • Lighting poles equipped with photovoltaic and mini-wind generators: These poles will generate the necessary energy for their own operation, reducing reliance on energy providers and promoting sustainable energy sources.
  • Real-time fan control system: A system will be implemented to monitor and regulate the ventilation plant in real-time. This system will be integrated with a comprehensive asset management system, allowing for the identification of inefficiencies, peaks in energy consumption, and facilitating proper maintenance of tunnel ventilation systems.

These solutions will be demonstrated in three different sites along the A90 and A91 motorways in Rome, showcasing their effectiveness in reducing energy consumption and optimising operational costs.