Pilot 2

Country : Spain
Strategic pillars covered: All
Focus pillar: Recycling
Infrastructures included: Roads and Tunnels

The Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MITMA) is responsible for managing all the motorways and national roads in the Cantabria region, encompassing approximately 600km of strategic roads. The CIRCUIT project’s various solutions will contribute to the goals of circularity and sustainability within this region. Specifically, the Recycling pillar’s technologies will be implemented in a section of the N-623 road.


Two out of the three alternative binders developed—namely, the sulfur-based low-carbon organic polymer and the bio-based highly polymer-modified binder—will be selected and scaled up. Asphalt mixtures containing Recycled Asphalt (RA) and these innovative binders will be produced and applied to the wearing course of this road.


In relation to the Energy pillar, the Hoz Tunnel on the A8 motorway will serve as a replication site for adaptive lighting and remote control of tunnel ventilation systems. The project aims to evaluate the potential to reduce energy consumption in the tunnel


Regarding the Digitalisation pillar, a smart dynamic traffic management system will be deployed along a section of the A-8 motorway in Cantabria. This system will incorporate features such as opposite direction vehicle detection and alert systems, dynamic signaling for traffic merging and on-ramp sections, as well as traffic monitoring and real-time information based on the network macroscopic diagramme.