Pilot 3

Country : The Netherlands
Focus pillar: Recycling
Infrastructures included: Road and Embankments

The objective of this pilot is to utilize industrial by-products, including granulated slay fly ash, geopolymers, and other suitable materials, to stabilise natural soils. The following steps will be followed:

circuit project Recycling

The pilot site is “Oostmolendijk”: it is located between the towns of Ridderkerk and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, along the river Noord, and belongs to the dike ring IJssel-monde (Speijker 2000). The Dyke structure is a part of the Dike Ring 17.

Problems arose in particular with the dyke improvement in 2013 for the adjacent dyke section. When a reinforced inner berm was worked on to be constructed, a relatively large shear failure of the recently reconstructed section occurred.